Stef Lewandowski

MakeShift, Co-Founder

Stef Lewandowski is a technologist, artist and startup founder. His work is quite experimental and is based around constantly doing quick “hacks” to test out ideas or to demonstrate potential futures. Sometimes a hack will lead to bigger things and he has launched several products and businesses using a hack-first approach. He lives by the maxim “create something every day” and until recently was one of the founders of Makeshift, a London-based digital product company that builds useful web/mobile/tech products aimed at ‘giving a leg up to the little guy’. Stef has four children and over recent years has become interested in the emerging “kidtech” market - the crossover of education, technology, physical computing, robotics, toys and modern touch-screen devices. His latest project is an inspirational box of hackable gadgets to be used in schools.

Talk: Hack, play, learn.

Friday, 16:00

A hack-first approach to prototyping ideas in parallel to find the ones that work.